Declan and Jamie Ryngs Blinds

The Ryngs family business has been in Cobh for many decades. Kathleen Ryng founded the business and her sister Mary Ryng joined the endeavour shortly after. Mary’s husband Jim Moynihan left his job as an accountant and bought the building across from the shop to open a men’s store.

Their son Declan began working in the business with his parents and his aunt in the late 70s. His son Jamie followed suit in 2012 and continues to work with his father to keep the family business going.

So, though the family name running the business is now Moynihan, that’s where the shop name of “Ryngs” came from and still remains today.

The shop was a one-stop-shop in Cobh for toys, bikes, wool, uniforms, beddings, ladies clothing, men’s clothing and children’s clothing. The shop was very popular in the 90s and early 00s for being a big supplier of toys and bikes especially around Christmas time.

The shop has always supplied uniforms for the Cobh schools throughout its time in business and continues to do so. More recently, the family also started a blinds and drapery business.

History Lesson!

The Round House, owned by the family is a very well known building in Cobh and is even known as Ryngs Corner!

This building used to be a Presbyterian meeting house roughly 150 years ago. In the same conical building since then a bakery business also ran in that building.

The Ladies shop or 17 East beach once was a pub (sadly no more) Roughly 100 years ago.